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Desiree ([personal profile] shorelle) wrote2017-01-15 01:51 pm
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hello, friend!

Oh wow, if you're wondering who this random ghost is who's suddenly appeared, it wouldn't be surprising - the last time I wrote a journal entry here was 7 years ago (where does time go? because I certainly have no flipping idea)

Anyway, hello again! I'm Desiree and I've mainly been pottering around collecting new fandoms, flailing on How To Adult IRL and occasionally posting art on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram for the past few years. I recently got hit with a pang of nostalgia and realised how much life went undocumented without these journal entries, and want to get back into semi-regularly writing again.

I'm also keen to dip my toes into Dreamwidth dev (webdev being my day job now, go figure) in the near future, and figured it would be useful to reacquaint myself with all the things :)

I would love to reconnect with anyone who's still hanging around (old friends and new!), so please do say hi or drop a comment with whatever you're into right now! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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Holy crap! Um, that's all I got. Hi! I don't do much fandom and I'm officially over my given name and going by SJ both on- and offline now. I'm into grassroots organizing and law school, and I'd love to hear about webdev because I wish I were doing that, too. >_>
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She's baaaaack! :) Here I was thinking that all the cool people had gone to Tumblr... I am still a student and putting off Becoming An Adult With A Proper Job until my PhD finishes.
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Hellooo! FYI there was a friending meme over here recently is you wanna find new peeps
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What a pleasant surprise to find you here shorelle! Hello! :D