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Desiree ([personal profile] shorelle) wrote 2017-03-02 05:29 am (UTC)

Yeah, this shift in thought on how/why we consume fiction still feels bizarre to me (and anchoring everything to what we would personally do in RL would make for a pretty monotonous and limited fictional landscape pretty quickly, lbr)

AHHHH AND YES I'VE FINISHED BOTH SEASONS NOW (!!!) I have... a lot of questions??! About how they're going to go from here into S3, but it definitely kicked off more into sci-fi territory from the end of Season 1! I really enjoyed the resolution and payout from the S1 plot, and exploring more of the world and how they worked the film in S2 (while Joe is still a pretty bland character for me - even though, weirdly, he has a lot of the tropes that I'd normally like? - his plot worked in showing us the world in Berlin. The production team really went all out with the Berlin sets too - also the creepily Dr Strangelove feel of the war chamber, etc etc) But yes!! I'm also generally a bit more versed in the European areas of WWII history, so it was really interesting to see more of a focus on Japan (which seemed pretty believable from what I gathered, even if they were a bit more chill in this alternate universe - not that that's saying too much...) with the contrast between how they approached colonisation vs the GNR, and the production/costume details here were also A+

I also did appreciate the love triangle (quadrangle now?!) basically disappearing for now, since everyone has gone off into different plotlines and are a bit better for it :P Smith and Kido were really strong players this season, and ahhHHH now the worst part is having to wait a year until Season 3 comes out! I've been trawling around desperate for fandom to fill the void, so thank you for these links!! I'm so glad to see people making quality gifs <3 (I am saddened at the lack of fanart though.... clearly this needs to be rectified (╥_╥) )

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