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Desiree ([personal profile] shorelle) wrote 2017-02-11 05:00 am (UTC)

Ahh this is too real - the lack of a useful commenting system (or the ability to reply to comments) on Tumblr makes reblogging the only way to maintain a conversation on a post, which in turn makes it ridiculously hard to read and/or clogs up the dashboard every time it's reblogged. It's definitely made it more difficult to have conversations with other people in fandom, and makes interchange very public in general (which might be a part of this whole thing of... "performative SJ"? for lack of a better term).

But oh lord yes, while I actually agree that there are a lot of issues with the media we consume and fandom in general, Tumblr can just get exhausting and ridiculous and incapable of nuance (and it's especially frustrating when a lot of the callout posts and yelling at things for being problematic honestly start to look a lot like thinly-veiled attacks on ships, characters you don't like, etc; basically still ship wars but with the weight of moral righteousness. It's weirdly disingenuous and hypocritical (not to mention drama for brownie points/popularity), and I swear for every person who makes a big deal out of how people shouldn't like [problematic thing] they invariably have a fave/ship/etc that's just as ~problematic but somehow OK for them to like, go figure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) OK, I'm just venting about this now, but the toxic atmosphere has been part of why I've distanced myself from being active in most fandoms, it's just... exhausting :P I really am a grandma who's ranting about kids who seem to have very little life experience and way too much time on their on hands OTL

BUT ANYWAY... OMG YES!! I just watched the first three episodes of The Man in the High Castle, and I'm in loooove with the world-building, and how they've visualised the world from the novel. It feels very immersive and is just 100% my historical aesthetic™, yes good. I see what you mean about the characters and storyline being changed up a bit! I guess they would have had to do this to turn the story into a longer series... and hey, I'm not complaining about the addition of these new characters :P AND ALSO YES RUFUS SEWELL!! I remember I first saw him in Tristan + Isolde and a bunch of period things in the early 2000's... he definitely has aged well ;) I'm really keen to see where his storyline goes, and I like what they've done with the Japanese administration as well. Hahaha oh dear, I did twig on to the potential of a Frank/Juliana/Joe love triangle. I guess they are going right down this route then... (welp, at least I've had plenty of experience with watching shows for side characters/villains rather than the actual main characters, so this should be no different! :P)

So yes, thank you for this rec!! Now the main challenge is to not binge it all until I get through my work.... (also, what Man in the High Castle blogs do you follow? just so I have delicious fandom content ready after it's safe to not run into spoilers! ;)) And I highly encourage any fanfic endeavours you may be planning, of course! :D

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