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Tumblr is good for art posts, you're right, and all the funny gifs and so on, but I really can't shake the fact that it's a hopeless interface for having a conversation with someone. I mainly hang around Victoria fans and the art-heavy Man in the High Castle blog. I used to read a lot of posts from Game of Thrones fans (or A Song of Ice and Fire, although they'd probably lynch me for daring to group the two together!) but I just became really sick of how everything had to be trigger-warned and politically correct and any dissension was met with "YOURE GROSS AND ABLEIST/RACIST/AGEIST/SEXIST/HOMOPHOBIC!!" In Ye Olden Days of LJ, Angelfire and Yahoo Groups people only shouted like that for ship wars! Maybe we're just internet grannies? :D

I have been so incredibly busy with the dreaded thesis. There is so much that I want to write, fandom-wise, which I've been putting off by signing up to fic exchanges. My personal journalling is probably ancient and cobweb-ridden as well. I think the last time I wrote anything about RL was December 2015! How is your art going? I remember you did some amazing stuff on DA (now there's something I haven't visited since my days...).

Oh, you'll love The Man in the High Castle. It's very different to the book, but the amazing world-building is still there, and some excellent new characters have been added. The moment Rufus Sewell turned up on screen I thought "Hey, it's Petruchio from Taming of the an SS uniform?!" (No prizes for guessing who my favourite character is!) The show does have some serious flaws but the sets and the costumes and the secondary characters kept me watching even when I had to slog through the love triangle of the totally un-likeable three protagonists.

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